Delbert Beckham’s

Salvaged Steel Sculpture


I create garden and yard art sculptures from salvaged scrap steel and other materials that have been discarded as worthless for their intended purpose. These salvaged materials take on a new life when removed from their original context and are incorporated into a work of art. We often miss this beauty when we focus only on the function of the items instead of their unique form and characteristics.

I believe there is also a lesson for us as individuals in this transformation. No matter what a person’s past, their future can still be one that adds quality to their own lives and to those they interact with.

I hope that my work brings a smile to the heart of those who view it.


Welcome to my world of

Reclaimed Metal sculpture

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780 CR 1140

Center, Texas 75935

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Delbert Beckham

    P. O. Box 1118

    Center Texas 75935

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Delbert Beckham’s Salvaged Steel Sculpture